Ditch Your Bra Whenever You Can

According to French scientist Jean-Denis Rouillon, wearing a bra constantly could be bad for you. Although bra’s are designed to hold your breasts up, wearing them can prevent supporting tissues from growing meaning they are more likely to sag than if you stopped wearing one altogether.

Scientists Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grisma have also done research which suggests that wearing a bra could increase your chances of getting breast cancer: if your bra is too restricting, it can prevent toxins from being flushed from the body, creating an environment in which cells can become cancerous.

Giving up bra’s altogether may not be an option most women are comfortable with but try and get into the habit of taking it off when going to bed or if you’re staying at home for the day. The only exception to this rule is sports bra’s which stop your ligaments from stretching during sports.

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