About Us

Vitality.news is your one-stop-shop for all your health and wellness information needs. We provide valuable and helpful content on all things healthy and motivational – from natural remedies to preventive therapies to fitness tips and even inspirational stories!

We only have one mission – to educate, inspire, and improve your life each and every day. We strive to help our readers live stronger and healthier via natural means free from medications. Being healthy doesn’t have to be that difficult. Bookmark us and let us be involved in your path to becoming healthier together!

Staff Editors

Alice Morales
26 year-old writer who has been writing since the age of 16 and has contributed to many publications as a freelancer. Apart from writing, she loves to try her hand in cooking and just can’t live without her books. Alice believes that ‘Library’ is another name for Heaven.

Dave Lawson
Worked as a personal trainer for the past 7 years. When not busy in the gym training with clients, Dave enjoys writing articles about health and fitness in his spare time over a cup of hot coffee. He is always interested in learning more about healthy living and proper diets.

Eleanor Lewis
Had spent 15 long years working for a bank before realizing that she had been living in a fool’s paradise. At 40 now, she is a stay home mom and freelance writer and editor. She loves writing about anything and everything, with favorite topics being parenting, home decorating, and also health and beauty topics.

Jason Evans
A budding photographer and writer. Perennially curious to explore new places, learn languages, taste local culinary delights and then pen down the experience are the fundamentals of his life. Writing and travelling are not just his passion but also a source of his livelihood.

Robert Clive
A former all-time pessimist but is now a firm believer of self-improvement and is always on the look-out for ways to improve people’s lives. Robert is also a Psychology graduate currently in the process of finishing his Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

Veronica Simmons
A nutritionist and proud mother of 2 boys. She enjoys writing health and nutrition content that helps readers better themselves and their lives. When not writing health pieces, she enjoys kicking back with the occasional beer or champagne.